The Poirier Family

On St. Patrick’s Day 2018, we had our second daughter, Alice. A few hours after she was born, the doctor told us that she likely had Down syndrome. We were stunned. We had never known anyone with Down syndrome and didn’t know it was something that happened—or at least happened to us.

At the time, we had never heard anything good about Down syndrome. But as we brought Alice home and got to know her sweet personality, we realized there was nothing to be scared of. She was perfect!

We soon learned that the group of people around the world who know someone with Down syndrome are called “the lucky few”—and it made perfect sense to us. We did feel so lucky to have Alice! It didn’t take long for us to realize that she would teach us far more than we could ever teach her.

We started this brand called “The Lucky Mom” for every one of us who have been positively affected by Down syndrome. Whether you’re a lucky mom, lucky dad, lucky sister, lucky brother or lucky grandparent, there’s something here for you. Together, we can spread the word that there’s nothing “down” about Down syndrome!

Some people are lucky enough to know someone with Down syndrome. Some people are lucky enough to raise someone with Down syndrome. We will always be grateful that we get to raise Alice.

- Ann, Tim, Lucy & Alice (Cincinnati, OH)