Roots and Wings

A few days ago, a man walked into my house.

He was driving my son’s car, wearing my son’s clothes. He even called me mom. But I’d never seen this man before.

He bore a faint resemblance to the son I dropped off at college a few months ago. But so much about him was different that I had to pause to take it all in.

He stood taller. His voice seemed deeper. He moved with a new confidence. He spoke of things I knew nothing of. He introduced me to a friend I had never met. He told me of travels and new experiences.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office.

I watched him interact patiently with his little brother, the one who had been such a nuisance a short time ago. I heard him talk with his older brother, the chasm between them in the past gone.

I whispered to myself, “Roots and wings.”

And I stood there, rapt in the warm breeze created by his flight.

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28 responses to “Roots and Wings

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  2. Anonymous

    Always enjoy your posts! Thank you.

  3. Gede Prama

    Thank you very much for following the blog, I really look forward to reading your posts and happy new year 2014. Gede Prama :-)

  4. oh man!! your boy has become a man! i love it, i hate it! awww so bittersweet.

  5. Pepper

    I’ve noticed that when my college boy comes home, he hugs me freely, tells me “I love you, Mama” often, and even picks me up for fun (my once late-to-hit-his-growth-spurt son now towers over me). I don’t think I want to know everything that’s happened since he left home, but I do know, I like this man.

    • Isn’t it a wonderful feeling, to like the men that they’ve become? When they were little, I always said I wanted to raise them to be men that women would enjoy being around. I didn’t realize that I was one of the women who would get to enjoy their presence.

  6. I just love this post! My “man” son finally lives in the same city and I thought that would be so great… and it is. I see him often, however, he no longer comes home for a visit and stays with me…. I did not realize how much I missed that until yesterday when (forced my the termite bombers) he moved in temporarily. I have now started my day, watched the sunrise, and had coffee with my baby 2 days in a row…. Life is good and sweet today! Beautiful post!

  7. This is so lovely – and it happens so suddenly really. I have two grown sons and I remember my youngest telling me, when he was 17-years old and didn’t like something I’d told him he needed to do (or not do) “I’m almost a full grown man, Mom.” While I’m sure I chased him with a stick when he said that, I look at him now, 25 years old and currently serving in the Air Force in Kuwait and realize that he is, indeed, a full grown man. It takes your breath away sometimes.

    • It does take my breath away. This is my second son to leave the nest, but it’s every bit as fresh as the first one. If the third one turns out as nicely as he first two have, I will call myself The Luckiest Mom.

      And please give your son the thanks of a grateful nation for his service.

  8. Anonymous

    Love this so much!1 They grow up to fast.

  9. Anonymous

    I know what u mean both of mine change ever time they come home.
    It is sad but happy at the same time. I miss those little guys.


  10. Last year when my eldest came home for Thanksgiving (his first time away, and it was at a U all the way across the country), he hugged me first and let me cry from joy. And now he’s so considerate and plans ahead, and and and. Although, he still has to be reminded about his chores. I love how our kids turn out so well.

  11. I’m right there with you! At one point I was worried this “boy” would NEVER find his way and now he is a Spectacular Father with 4 of his own. He and his wife are really great parents. I’m so surprised, relieved and grateful!

  12. Oh my gosh! Isn’t this the way it goes? I also have a man for a son now. It’s awesome and terrifying.

  13. This actually got me choked up a bit. I see my older son doing some of this in high school & I wonder who he is. But so proud of him. I can’t imagine where he’ll go from here…but I imagine I’ll be in the same “Roots & Wings” boat as you. Love this perspective.

  14. loisaltermark

    Oh, I so hear you. Beautifully said. I can’t wait for my own boy/man to come home for Thanksgiving.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! I really love how you capture the essence of shifting from a boy to a man. “Roots and Wings”, Mama, that’s what were here to do.

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